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We are available to assist with designing a bespoke logo to your specifications to help make your branding look professional. Logo designs are available in B&W, monochrome, or a variety of colours.

Prices start from £75+


We are available to design marketing materials such as posters, flyers and banners. Materials can be produced either as individual units or as a bundle. A marketing material bundle is recommended  as it will cover various forms of marketing.

Prices start from £50+


We are available to design an eye-catching yet functional layout for your album. This could include a front cover only or a full layout design for physical formats (such as CD or vinyl). Artwork is not included and must be provided to us.

Prices start from £100+

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We are available to compose original music for any desired purpose, such as audiovisual media, or songwriting for an artist. We are able to compose music in genres ranging from ambient soundscapes, electronic pop, hard rock, classical, jazz, and many others. Each track will be composed to your specifications.

Prices start from £150+


We are available to mix your music and prepare it for mastering. This includes various processes such as EQ, compression, and reverb. Each track will be mixed to your specifications while ensuring it meets the standards required for a mastering engineer to master your work.

Prices start from £100+


We are able to offer you a platform to generate income through the sale of merchandise and physical media (such as CDs) which features your original work. We aim to help creatives to gain exposure for their work and to help them get opportunities while getting a fair payment for the sale of their work.

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